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The Story:


That lovable family of creepy kooks is alive and


well and living in their super-spooky mansion in


Central Park. The Addams family, led by the


elegantly gaunt and seemingly undead Morticia


and her ever-devoted husband Gomez, is in


turmoil. Their daughter Wednesday, now 18, finds


herself falling in love—a sensation that is


unsettling for both her and her family of endearing


misfits. When the teen invites her new boyfriend,


Lucas Beineke, over with his “normal” family to


get better acquainted with the Addams household,


comic chaos (including everything from an


amorous giant squid to mixed-up potions to a


scorching tango) ensues.



Cast Information:



Character List as follows. (It is not necessary to BE these ages, as long as you can PLAY these ages.)


Gomez Addams:
Man, 50s. A man in his prime, of Spanish descent and a wild Iberian passion. Adores his wife, takes great pride in his children, and, in the larger sense, in his family. He’s very much about what it means to be an Addams. His desire for Morticia is undimmed after 20 years of marriage, and it takes very little to fire up his lust, although it appears they haven’t tango’d in quite some time. Must have great comedic timing & strong tenor voice. LEAD


Morticia Addams:
Woman, 40 - 50s. Holds the balance of power in the family; often seems like the only emotionally mature member of the clan. Beautiful and aristocratic, the real head of the family and the critical and moving force behind it. Always sees the best in people; it somehow comes off as strength rather than naïveté. She enjoys being the center of all the sexual energy in the room. The most horrible thing in the world to her, truly unsettling, would be admitting that one day, inevitably, she’ll be (choke!) a grandmother. Must be a great dancer who is funny and sings well, alto/mezzo soprano. LEAD

Uncle Fester:
Man, 40s – 50s. The narrator of the piece, Fester is child-like, hugely enthusiastic and totally incorrigible. A vaudevillian, needs strong comedy and tenor voice.


Wednesday Addams:
Seeking actress to play age 17. Character is a girl. Romantic lead, a sexy, young version of Morticia. Needs a great pop/rock style singing voice (Think Avril Lavigne) and a witty, DRY sense of humor.

Woman, 50s – 70s. Ancient. Good-natured, easily led. Very active for her age, she's like the ladies you see in Fairway, of indeterminate age, but you don't get in their way or they'll run you over. Character singer with strong humor.

Pugsley Addams:
Seeking actor to play age 12. Character is a boy. Plump, adorable and FUNNY....a smaller version of Gomez. His singing voice needs to be big and unchanged. Think Ethel Merman.

Man, ageless. A man of very, very few words, often spoken at half speed. Most of what he utters is long, plaintive groans, some tinged with irony or exasperation. Lurch sees everything, knows everything that goes on under the roof of The Addams Family manse. Must have a TRUE low bass voice.

Colonel Mal Beinecke:
Man, 45 – 50. Military man, a man who must be obeyed, with little patience for his wife and son. Wants to be bigger than Trump, and he'll lie, cheat and steal for acre of swamp. Musical theater baritenor voice.

Alice Beinecke:
Woman, early 40s. She truly loves her husband and loves that he takes charge; removing any responsibility from her for making decisions. However, since he has become more distant, she has taken to drink. She has refocused her love to her only son, Lucas. Must be very funny and sing well.

Lucas Beinecke:
Male, 19. A writer, he has conflicts with his father's closed-minded ways. Fell in love with Wednesday at first sight. A classic co-dependent, Lucas feels good when everybody's happy. Needs to be a great pop/rock singer.

Addams Ancestors:
5 adult males and 5 adult females with singing/dance experience.