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Cast List:



Gomez Addams: Joshua Bains


Morticia Addams: Tarah Thornburg

Uncle Fester: Brad Sandy

Wednesday Addams: Chloe Hayes

Grandmama: Caroline Good

Pugsley Addams: Devin Huff

Lurch: Michael McClaine

Mal Beinecke: TJ Tincher

Alice Beinecke: Shelly McFadden

Lucas Beinecke: Cameron Callahan

Addams Ancestors:

Flapper: Sarah Arnold


Flight Attendant: Sarah Bond


Bride: Samantha Flannelly


Conquistador: Drew Harris


Civil War Soldier: David Lorimer


Saloon Girl: Bryana Perry


Cave Girl: Winter Perry


French Revolutionary Woman: Stephany Zhivotovsky


Tech Crew:


Darvell Barger- Sound Operator


Haley Wilson- Light Operator


Grace Elmor- Spotlight


Sarah Nowling- Spotlight


Stage Crew:


Jessica Masner- Stage Manager


Mason Allen- Stage Hand


Cameron Wunderlich- Stage Hand


Mariah Taylor- Stage Hand


Connor George- Stage Hand




Marylin Rush- Pit Conductor/Piano


Morgan Asher- Keyboard


DeDee Schwomeyer- Drums


Drew Brattain- Bass





The Story:


That lovable family of creepy kooks is alive and


well and living in their super-spooky mansion in


Central Park. The Addams family, led by the


elegantly gaunt and seemingly undead Morticia


and her ever-devoted husband Gomez, is in


turmoil. Their daughter Wednesday, now 18, finds


herself falling in love—a sensation that is


unsettling for both her and her family of endearing


misfits. When the teen invites her new boyfriend,


Lucas Beineke, over with his “normal” family to


get better acquainted with the Addams household,


comic chaos (including everything from an


amorous giant squid to mixed-up potions to a


scorching tango) ensues.