Director's Note


It is my pleasure to direct this


fun-filled musical for the second


time. I directed it the first time at


Cascade High School.


The characters are the same as


you might remember: Gomez,


Morticia, Wednesday, Pugsley,


Lurch, Uncle Fester, and Granny.


This time around, the


unsuspecting Beinecke family has


been added including parents Mal


& Alice and son, Lucas.


The show is very reminiscent of


the original television series you


may have seen - it is still running


on a couple of the nostalgia cable




The plot revolves around


Wednesday who has fallen in love


with Lucas, a "normal" boy. A


dinner at the Addams House is


planned where the families will


meet for the first time.


Wednesday confides in her father


Gomez, that in fact, she and


Lucas are already engaged.


Gomez must hide the information


from his wife Morticia.


The dinner ensues with much


hilarity and fun for the audience.


Auditions will include singing (16


to 24 measures please), reading


from the script, and dancing.


Prospective cast members should


attend either audition date but


not both.


Callbacks may be necessary.




Wednesday Addams..(teen/young
who must be able to belt.


Gomez Addams..(40-50) baritone. 
Must be able to harmonize.

Morticia Addams..(40-50) 
Must be able to harmonize.

Alice Beinecke...(40-50)soprano 
who must be able to belt in
upper range. Must be 
able to harmonize.

Fester Addams..(30-50)
tenor/baritone and
must be able to imitate 
original Fester voice.

Pugsley Addams.(8-13)
tenor/boys' unchanged voice.

Mal Beinecke.. .(40-50) 
Must be able to harmonize.

Lucas Beinecke..(teen/young
adult) tenor/baritone. 
Must be able to harmonize.

Grandma Addams..(script age is 
over 100) mezzo-soprano/

Lurch... (30-60) bass. Tall. 

Ancestors... (various ages)
Soprano, alto, tenor, bass. 
Must harmonize and dance.
The ancestors appear in most
scenes throughout the show.