June 7-9 & June 13-16




Directed & Staged by:


Caroline Good



Music Directors: 


Erik Foster & Ric  McFadden 


Assistant Directors: 


Jack Randall Earles & Erik Foster


Choreographer:  Sarah Bond

Assistant Choreographers: 


Fiona Good, Joshua Bain





Pianist & Orchestra Director -


                 Amy Tharp


Keyboard - Morgan Asher


Bass - Tom Mahler


Percussion - Dede Schwomeyer


Trumpets - Tim Good & Adam Eaton





Vocal Coaching:


Elise Daniells, Barbara Pare 


Costume Design: 


Shelly McFadden


Scene Design: 


Linda Gjesvold


Lighting Design: 


Dustin Bond


Sound Design:


Dustin Bond & Craig Armitage 


Production Stage Manager: 


Mason Allen


Assistant Stage Managers/Props:


Cameron Wunderlich, Noah D. Pettit,


Sarah Nowling


Sound Operators:


Craig Armitage, Darvell Burger 

Lighting Operator: 


Haley Wilson


Spot Light Operators:


Grace Elmore, Sarah Nowling


Set Construction/Painting:


Linda Gjesvold, Vicki Garrett,


Cameron Wunderlich, Dustin Bond,


Noah D. Pettit


Costume Construction:


Pat Armitage, Lisa McCoy,


Caroline Good,


DePauw Costume Shop






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