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Barefoot in the Park is a lively comedy written by the King of Broadway Comedy, Neil Simon. It has been produced twice at Putnam County Playhouse.



1969 - Directed by Shaun Higgins




2002 - Directed by Bethany Bax



I am happy to be the third director to bring this comedy to the PCPH stage. As with all Simon comedies, BITP has moments of laughter and moments of heart. 


All of those wishing to audition should have stage experience. This is definitely what is called an ensemble comedy. Each character bounces off the other and adds the to hilarity of the evening.


Stage age is important, and of course Corie and her mother should have a family resemblance.


Please come out to audtions and help me create a lively memorable evening for our audiences.  The September show is the one they take with them into the winter break.


Barefoot in the Park was filmed first in 1967. This version starred Jane Fonda, Robert Redford, Charles Boyer, and Mildred Natwick. It was also the basis for a 1970 ABC television series starring Scoey Mitchell and Tracy Reed. An HBO Special was taped in Seattle in 1981. This production starrred Richard Thomas, Bess Armstrong, Hans Conreid, and Barbara Barrie.


During auditions, we will read from the script and perhaps do some situational improvisation - depending on the number of folks we see.  Come prepared to have fun and become part of a creative ensemble.


See you there!


Jack Randall