Death by Chocolate Cast & Crew Page


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Henry Meadowbrook - Jim Green

Alfred Mellox - Jeff Osborn

Lady Riverdale - Holly Pritchett

Dyslexia - Joan Osborn

John Stone - David Lee Buttram

Ralph Deadwood - Bryan Schroeder

Margaret Daniels - Marian Zennie

Edith Chiles - Karen Temple

Sweet Pea Meadowbrook - Pam Turner

Dick Simmering - Justin Renner

Anne - Sandi Rossok

Ed Parlor - Larry Sutton



Director - Jack Randall Earles

Assistant Director - Melissa Green

Production Stage Manager - Nathan Rogers

Light Design - Bob Hedge

Sound Design - Jack Randall Earles

Costumer - Sandi Rossok, Jack Randall Earles, Jan Ford

Set Design - Linda Gjesvold

Set Construction & Painting - Linda Gjesvold

Set Decoration & Properties - Jack Randall Earles

Light Operator - Michael Mitchell

Sound Operator - Jim Green
Special Thanks - Chocolates (sans arsenic) thoughtfully provided by:
                         The Chocolate Moose Candy & Gifts
                         Located in the K-Mart Plaza, Brownsburg.