"Another Opening, Another Show!"


As you all can imagine, the show is very close to my heart. I first directed it in the 1970’s with the late Jeff Mont, who taught me much about the sparkle and magic of live theatre. My mother played the role of Dolly Levi in that first production. I have such fond memories of watching her in the “eating” scene! Since then I have enjoyed the second PCPH production and the Greencastle High School production. None of those shows resembled the others. Every production is SO different and all the leads and chorus members bring a new dimension to their roles.

My theatre career began at the Putnam County Playhouse years ago. I can think of no better way for people of all ages to spend their summer. I’ve always recognized it as a volunteer organization full of people who are willing to give of their time and talents. Those of you who have worked with me know I strive for fun, making new friends and in the end, putting together the most professional show possible.

One of the things I love about the show is that the chorus gets to do some of the best songs! Imagination can go awry in "Before the Parade Passes By" and the men can sing from the heart in "It Takes a Woman." I can’t wait to see the Waiter’s Gallop! For those men who are ready for some scene-stealing fun, and some good ole’ physical activity, this number is for you!

I am really looking forward to seeing old friends at auditions, and making new friends. Auditions are not to be dreaded folks! I would love to have a large cast and a big parade, so just come on out and join the fun!

Vickie Parker