Director's Notes from Jim Rambo


Don’t Drink the Water, the September 2011 production at the Putnam County Playhouse, will conclude our landmark 50th season!  This is a very funny show, a fast-paced comedy set in a 1960s U. S. embassy in an unnamed East European communist country.

I will be directing for the first time after several years’ experience on the PCPH stage, and am particularly fortunate to be able to draw on experienced advice from veteran directors Vickie Parker and Linda Gjesvold,

my assistant directors. 

We’ll be looking for mostly adult actors, though mature-looking teenagers might be considered for some roles.  There is a nice mix of leading, supporting and cameo parts, and I would also like to have a few people as non-speaking extras (especially at a cocktail party and as political demonstrators). 

Some of the smaller roles would be a good way to gain experience on the stage, so I encourage even those with little or no acting experience to come to auditions on July 24 or 25.

Those auditioning will read scenes from the script.  No prior preparation will be necessary, except for familiarizing yourself with the characters.  

(See the “Cast and Crew” section on this web site.)

If you are interested in the theater but don’t necessarily want to be on stage, there are many other ways to volunteer at PCPH:  working backstage, with lights or sound, with costumes, with set building.  I will be looking for people in all these areas for this production.

My own experience with the Playhouse began with an audition which I did on an impulse, having never been on stage previously.  My subsequent years at PCPH have proven to be some of the most rewarding of my life.  So come out and join us!  You never know what you might start!