The Game’s Afoot!

One of my all-time favorite Detectives is Sherlock Holmes; I have memories of watching Basil Rathbone (Sherlock Holmes) and Nigel Bruce (Dr. Watson) with my father as they solved mysteries.

I am so excited to get the opportunity to direct this very funny show! I look forward to bringing this comedy murder mystery to life with a fantastic cast!

This show produces great opportunity for veterans of the playhouse along with possibilities for those who have not yet taken a chance on stage. This show is jam packed with comical goodies and chances to show off the hammy side of an actor/actress.

My assistant director, Jim Green, is not a stranger to comedy, and I have no doubt that with his help and an excellent cast, this show will be a big hit for our final production of the 54th season!

If you are a lover of Sherlock Holmes, Comedy and Murder (in show form) please come out to auditions which are set for July 19th and July 20th!