A note from Jack Randall:

Twenty one seasons ago, Putnam County Playhouse presented one of its most popular and well-attended productions.  Directed by Peggy McClaine, "On Golden Pond" was a perfect example of a PCPH show.

When we began to think about returning to Golden Pond, I didn't think it could be done unless we took the journey with our original cast. So for the first time in our history, I asked for permission to bring back the actors who had made the 1995 production so memorable.

I am grateful to those board members who agreed with me. Then of course the task became asking those original cast members if they were interested.

No one else could play the roles of Norman and Ethel like Larry Sutton and Vickie Parker. And Kim Hinkle Brattain and Brad Sandy are returning as Chelsea and Bill.

It was a happy day for me when four of our original cast of six agreed to return.  Two actors were not available. Tim Dibble who had been so memorable as Charlie The Mailman has moved from the area. And Croft Vaughn who played Billy Ray has - well - grown up. He is now a busy actor in New York City.

Two familiar faces will be replacing them. Dustin Bond and Ivan Glotzbach will play Charlie and Billy Ray.

Because so many years have passed since 1995, all of us are in different places in our lives.  All of us bring a different perspective to our roles onstage and off.

Golden Pond seems to be a little closer to our hearts. Its emotional center is a little more real to us.

I hope our audiences will enjoy it even more this time around....I know I will...I probably won't come this way again.