Here are a few notes about what I am looking for at auditions:

Chiffon, Crystal, & Ronnette "Doo-Wop Girls" - They must be strong, confident, and "soulful" in everything they do, be it singing, conversing, or dancing. These girls sing in 3 part harmony throughout the entire show and also have various solo parts throughout.

Audrey - Be careful with this read: think less Lena Lamont and more Jersey Girl. (If you can sing as Audrey at your audition that's a plus as well.) Audrey is the leading lady and she works at Mushnik's Florist Shop.

Seymour - He is pretty straight forward. I would just recommend everyone take a cue from the Authors Notes in the script. Seymour is the leading male and he works at Mushnik's Florist Shop.

Mr. Mushnick- The failed proprietor of Mushncik's Florist Shop. He is a (pseudo) father figure to Seymour. May be done with or without a stereotypical Jewish accent.

Orin - A dentist on Skid Row and Audrey's sadistic boyfriend. Orin is the most over the top character in the play. He must be the man that everyone loves to hate. There is a likelihood that Orin will play several other "bit" parts in several other places throughout the show including other males as well as the editor's wife.

The Plant/Audrey 2 -  Audrey two is done from an offstage microphone which means the actor must be especially talented in communicating thoughts and emotions through voice alone. The plant itself will be manipulated by several puppeteers throughout the show. He must have a strong, confident, "soulful" feel in everything that he says and "sangs." The voice of the plant also plays a wino in the Skid Row number. 

Ensemble: Depending on the turn out at auditions and willingness of auditioners, there is a possibility that two ensemble numbers will be included; one at the beginning and one at the end. 

Technical Assistance/Back Stage Help - This show requires a great deal of technical work offstage. If you are interested in helping, volunteers will be gladly accepted!

Optional for female auditioners: Because Audrey and the Doo-Wop girls are so different in their vocal stylings, we may ask you to sing a second song selection. This is not required, but is highly recommended for those who are interested in both parts to have a second song prepared. Again, it would be at least 16 bars of a song in the style that was not used in your original audition number.