The 49th season comes to a close in September with a production of the popular Sumner Arthur Long comedy Never Too Late.

The show first opened on Broadway on November 27, 1962.  It was directed by George Abbott.

The leading roles were played by Maureen O'Sullivan and Paul Ford.

Supporting roles were played by Orson Bean and Fran Sharon.

The play received two Tony Award nominations:  Ford (Dramatic Actor, he lost to  Arthur Hill in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?) and Abbott (Director - Play, he lost to Alan Schneider for Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?).

Read about the original Broadway production HERE


Warner Bros. produced a film version of the play in 1965.  O'Sullivan and Ford repeated their stage roles.  The roles played by Bean and Sharon were given to Jim Hutton and Connie Stevens. O'Sullivan was nominated for a Golden Globe as Best Actress for the film.

Long out of print, the movie is available as part of the Warner Bros. Archive collection  HERE.


The play was last produced by PCPH in 1985.

Our new production will be directed by Shelly McFadden.

Never Too Late was one of the most popular stock comedies of the 1960's!


It also was produced in London.



Don't read here if don't want to know what happens in the play!

Harry Lambert is a married man in his late 50's who suddenly learns that he's going to become a father again.  His last child was a girl born 24 years ago, and considering the idiot she ended up marrying, he finds the prospect of another such affair unthinkable.

His wife Edith, the mother to be, is at first bewildered and then delighted at the prospect of becoming a mother again.  At long last, Edith puts her foot down and issues some terms of her own.  There's going to be a nursery, a new bathroom, and she is going to have her own checking account.

The attitudes of the children, the neighbors, and Harry's peers will leave you laughing. 

And how does that toilet end up on the mayor's lawn?