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As time goes by, the point of reference for most plays becomes the popular movie version. This has what has happened to William Inge’s Pulitzer Prize winning play Picnic. Although the film version from 1955 had some problems – many in the cast were too old for their parts – it was a big hit.


The play itself has been done regularly by community theaters and revived a couple of times on Broadway. PCPH produced it in 1988 directed by – ME!  It has always been a favorite of mine, and I am pleased and excited to present a new production of it.


The story of love – lost, unrequited, found – is as poignant and life affirming as it has ever been. Although I choose to set the play in its original time period, the themes are without a time or place.


I am looking for actors and actresses with some experience and who enjoy working as one of an ensemble.  It is crucial to create a family dynamic and small town ambience in the casting, set design, and sound design.  I hope to take our audiences to a specific place and let them find themselves there – whether they may be rediscovering a time that they are familiar with or discovering a new one.


Please join me in creating our Picnic!  I look forward to seeing you at auditions.



  Mark Frisbie as Alan and Brian Williams as Hal in Picnic - 1988.....