Poster From a Summer Stock Production in the 1960's!


The Cast (and stage age):


Judy Kimball (30ish) - attractive and sensible suburban wife

George Kimball (30s to early 40s) - hypochondriac who worries about his health to an extreme

(20ish) - the delivery boy, leads Judy in a cha-cha dance sequence

Bert Power (30s-40s) - Judy’s college boyfriend, now a wealthy rancher

Dr. Ralph Morrissey (30s-50s) - George's friend and physician

Arnold Nash (30s-50s) - lawyer and next door neighbor to George and Judy

Mr. Akins (30s-50s) - cemetery plot salesman




A Girl (“Baby”): (20's) - George's fantasy girl


A 1st passerby, 2nd passerby, 3rd passerby. All could possibly be double cast and all are dream/memory.





The Story:


David Wayne starred on Broadway as George Kimball, a Westchester commuter whose favorite hobby is hypochondria. When he mistakenly overhears his doctor discussing another patient with heart trouble, he prepares to meet the end bravely, sure it it 'his time'. Putting his affairs in order, he writes a heartbreaking letter to his wife to be read as his eulogy. He even arranges a good second husband for his soon-to-be widow, with a cemetery plot for three: himself, his wife and the new future 'Mister Kimball'.


The play was also the basis of a popular movie from 1964 of the same name. The film starred the film trio of Doris Day, Rock Hudson, and Tony Randall.


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