I can’t wait to get started on She

Loves Me at Putnam County


Playhouse!   The music is fun and


challenging.  The story is so


funny and sweet. It’s an old-


fashioned romantic comedy


requiring legit voices and great


comedic acting and timing. 



The costumes are….well, it’s set


in the 1930’s…so the costumes


will be amazing! Men in 3 piece


suits, women in gorgeous


dresses,gloves and coats! And the


hats!!!  Don’t get me started on


the hats!


[To find out more about the show and read the script click HERE.]



Putnam County Playhouse is such an amazing place.    My husband and I “discovered” it in 1991 and we have developed such wonderful friends through our participation.  


We continue to meet beloved friends and have created a cherished theater family at PCPH.  


We’ll have so much, you guessed

it, FUN!!!