I am very excited about directing the final production of the 2012 season, See How They Run , written by Phillip King.

This play is a fast- paced comedy in which people enter and exit through four different doors, so that you never know who will come in or go out or at what moment they will enter or leave.  As a result, the characters are always confused as to the true meaning of what is happening.  I think the Putnam County Playhouse audience will find it hilarious  --  I know I do.


The nine characters in the play include an actress and actor, four people in ministerial dress, a stodgy Bishop, and a cockney maid.  The crux of the matter is “who is the one person in disguise who is actually an escaped prisoner”.  Surprises abound.


I will be looking for both players and crew people.  I hope the players will be those people who like to have fun on stage, have a great work ethic, and will provide the right chemistry with the other members of the cast.  The crew and staff are what brings everything together and gives it that finished quality we have come to expect from a Putnam County Playhouse  production.


I hope to see many of you at auditions and all of you in the audience.

Larry G. Sutton