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The Cast of the Show:

Singin’ in the Rain Characters
Don Lockwood A Hollywood actor in silent movies. He is witty and charming. A baritone that can sing and dance.
Kathy Selden A struggling actress in Hollywood. She is strong-willed and smart. She is a sweet sounding belter who can dance.
Cosmo Brown Don’s very comical sidekick. He is the studio’s head musician. He is a belting tenor with athleticism.
Lina Lamont A beautiful silent movie star with a very annoying speaking voice. She is a belter.
R.F. Simpson The head of the studio. R.F. is very professional.
Roscoe Dexter The director of “The Dueling Cavalier” who is a bit quirky.
Dora Bailey A gossip columnist for a fashion magazine.
Rod The studio’s top agent.
Zelda Zanders Lina’s friend who is a performer.
Male Singer A tenor (preferably) who sings “Beautiful Girl”.
1st, 2nd and 3rd assts Dexter’s three “yes man” assistants.
Sid Phillips The director of the “Beautiful Girl” production
Ms. Dinsmore Lina Lamont’s diction teacher.
Male Teacher Don Lamont’s diction teacher.
Villain The, well, villain in the silent movies.
Olga Mara
Mary Margret
Young Don
Young Cosmo
Lady in Waiting
Sam (Butler)
Sound Person