Little Women Cast & Crew

Marmee – Debby Lambert
Meg – Meghan Armitage
Jo – Samantha Flannelly
Beth – Michaela Semak
Younger Amy – Samantha Shelton
Older Amy – Sarah Arnold
Aunt March/Mrs. Kirk – Angel Callan
Laurie – Alan Skillern
Mr. Brooke – David Maginity
Prof. Bhaer – Dustin Bond
Mr. Laurence – Jack Randall Earles
Haleigh Rowls
Arianna Pershing
Gwen Mazur
Rachel Lubinski
Lindsey Bridgewater
Anna Harris
JenJe Stouder

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Musical Numbers:
Act I
An Operatic Tragedy- Jo, Clarissa, Braxton, Rodrigo
Better- Jo
Our Finest Dreams- Jo, Beth, Amy, and Meg
Here Alone- Marmee
Could You?- Aunt March and Jo
Delighted- Marmee, Meg, Beth, and Jo
Take a Chance on Me- Laurie
Off to Massachusetts- Beth and Mr. Laurence
Five Forever- Jo, Beth, Meg, Amy, and Laurie
More Than I Am- Mr. Brooke and Meg
Take A Chance on Me (Reprise)- Laurie
Astonishing- Jo

Act II
The Weekly Volcano Press- Jo, Professor Bhaer,
Mrs. Kirk, Clarissa, Braxton, Rodrigo, Hag,
Troll, Knight, Rodrigo II, and Company
Off To Massachusetts (Reprise)- Mr. Laurence,
Beth, Laurie, Marmee, Meg, Mr. Brooke
How I Am- Professor Bhaer
Some Things Are Meant to Be- Beth and Jo
The Most Amazing Thing- Amy and Laurie
Days of Plenty- Marmee
The Fire Within Me- Jo
Small Umbrella in the Rain- Jo and Professor Bhaer
The Weekly Volcano Press (Reprise) – Jo