Laughing Stock Director’s Note

“Anything that CAN go wrong WILL go wrong.” 
Murphy’s Law could be a replacement title for this fun
romp that tells the tale of a summer theatre troupe that
performs their repertory season in an old converted barn
(Sound Familiar???) with hilarious outcomes. All of the
characters necessary to lampoon the art of theatre are
here: invisible producers that really run the show, wacky
directors that think rehearsals just get in the way of
true performances, a tottering older couple who know
nothing more than their lives in the theatre, the spaced
out actress that seems to have smoked something before
auditions, a “serious” actor who must find motivation for
every possible movement on stage, an artistic director who
writes his own scripts to save on royalties, and even a
drunken stage manager holding it all together by a very
loose thread. Mix these misfits in with a season that
includes the plays Hamlet, Dracula, and Charley’s Aunt and
you have a delicious and hilarious recipe for disaster.
Everyone person in theatre has a tale of something that went
wrong in a production, so imagine if all of these things
happened at ONCE! That is Laughingstock. While the show is
funny and the disasters come one right after another, the
true heart of this show is summed up by all those involved:
“We wouldn’t trade it for anything.” Come join us for the
4th and final show of the season at the Playhouse. You’ll
laugh and you may also gain a little insight into why we
do what we do!

Andrew Ranck

This is Andrew’s third year out at PCPH and
His second show directing with us, last year
he directed The Odd Couple (Female Version)
Andrew is the Director of Putnam County
Comprehensive Services, He was last seen in
Curtains the Musical, playing Christopher Belling