Footloose Director’s Note

Footloose auditions are Sunday, April 6, at 3 pm and
Monday, April 7 at 7 pm at Putnam County Playhouse.
Those auditioning should COME PREPARED TO SING A SONG
alone and dance in groups. If you need someone to help
you with an audition song, ask your music/choir/band
teacher or a private voice coach. You can sing “Happy
Birthday”, but PREPARED people should have a song. An
accompanist will be provided, bring sheet music if you
can. Keep it short and make it loud. If we can’t hear
you, the audience can’t either. Footloose is one of my
favorite movies. If you have never seen the stage
production, check out local theaters and try to see it
before auditions. There are some differences in the
characters and additional songs in the stage version
that you will want to be aware of. A CD of the Broadway
cast album will be more helpful to you than the movie
soundtrack. We need strong dancers, so if you feel that
dancing is a weak area for you, I suggest you get into
jazz or hip hop class for a few months so you will feel
better prepared. There is A LOT OF DANCING IN THIS SHOW! 
Also, we need a few people who can roller skate. The
main character “Ren” will need to roller skate as well.
We will need a FEW younger children for scenes in Church
and townspeople. Depending on how old “Tweens” look, I
may use some that can dance for chorus. My main thing…
BE PREPARED…wear comforable clothes for the dance
audition and proper shoes! See you in April!