“Flowers for Algernon” Director’s Note

Jack Randall Earles

I am very happy to be the director of Flowers For Algernon. When it was last produced at Putnam County Playhouse, I ran the lights and enjoyed watching the show each night. The audience response was so emotional.

The story was originally a sci-fi story before being expanded into a novel. The play version came later and there has even been a musical version. It was filmed as “Charly” with Cliff Robertson in the title role (he won an Academy Award for his performance) – and there has been at least one television version of the story.

I am going to keep the play in the time period – late 1970’s early 1980’s – that I think makes the story the most interesting. It certainly has some outdated references about special needs people and their lives. I hope to concentrate on the relationships of the folks in the story and let their actions, feelings, and reactions drive the play.

This is a good play to start with if you are thinking about auditioning for your first show. There are a lot of smaller roles – and many will double cast. I will need actors/actresses with some stage experience for the larger roles.

I hope to see you at auditions!

Jack Randall Earles