“Flowers for Algernon” Cast and Crew

The story:

“Ingeniously touching and intensely real,” wrote the critic of The Baltimore Sun. “Convincing, suspenseful, touching,” was the comment of the New York Times critic who concluded his review with the observation that this was “affecting, too. How otherwise explain the tears that come to one’s eyes at the end.” This is the compelling story of Charlie, a mentally retarded man, and the strange interweaving of his life with that of Algernon, a mouse. Experimental surgery has been performed on Algernon increasing his intelligence fourfold. The operation is tried on Charlie, whose intelligence rapidly increases to that of a genius, far more intelligent than his teacher, Alice Kinnian, or the doctors who created the operating technique. As Charlie approaches the peak of his brilliance, Algernon shows frightening symptoms of regression. The play becomes a race against time in which Charlie tries to keep his new intelligence long enough to save himself and thus continue what he and Alice have found. This is a different kind of play: poignant, romantic, funny and tragic, but with hope of man’s indomitable spirit.

Read a portion of the play HERE.

Roles to be cast:

Charlie Gordon – a man in his 20’s/30’s who becomes the subject of a scientific experiment. (and a pair of younger actors to play school age Charlie & Teen Age Charlie)

Alice Kinnian – a woman in her 20’s/30’s who is Charlie’s teacher

Professor Nemur – man in his 40’s who conducts the experiment

Burt Seldon – a man in his 20’s/30’s who helps conduct the experiment

Dr. Strauss – a man in his 50’s who is involved in the research

Charlie’s Mother – seen a various stages of her life

Charlie’s Father – seen in various stages of his life

Norma – a woman in her 30’s. Charlie’s sister. (a younger girl to play Norma as a child)

And many roles for an acting ensemble that will be double & triple cast.