Man of La Mancha Show Information

After tax collector, soldier, and author Miguel de Cervantes
and his assistant, Sancho, foreclose on a church that failed
to pay its taxes, the two men are thrown into prison by the
Spanish Inquisition. Soon the other prisoners steal
Cervantes’s possessions, but he convinces them to allow him
to win back a package of papers that would not be of value
to other people. Pleading his case, Cervantes gives a
dramatic defense by reenacting the story of Don Quixote of La
Mancha: the passionate and poignant tale of a noble knight who
lives in a world of madness and cannot see that chivalry has
died. His holy quest is a mission of salvation to find
compassion not for himself but for others. Don Quixote falls in
love with the fair maiden, Aldonza(Dulcina), and convinces her
to live a moral life. When Quixote is being knighted, the
muleteers brutally assault Aldonza. Quixote and Sancho quickly
come to Aldonza’s rescue but in the end, Quixote only preaches
forgiveness. Next, Quixote fights off his darkest foe, the
Enchanter. Moved by the story, the prisoners return Quixote’s
manuscript just before he is called before the Inquisition.
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