“Something Rotten!” Director’s Note

Vickie Parker

I am so excited to be directing again.  The Putnam County Playhouse has been a significant part of my life since I was 18.  The years in between now and then included acting, oodles of musical directing, serving as a board member and lots of applause from the audience.   

The first time I saw Something Rotten I knew it was a show I wanted to direct.  Each chorus number made me want to stand up and yell.  It took me hours to come back to earth.  How could I go wrong with tap dancing eggs?!  It is a rousing hilarious musical set in the 1590’s complete with The Bard and two brothers who want desperately to write a hit play, Puritans, and a local soothsayer who leads them to write the world’s first musical entitled Omelet.

From the very beginning the musical is full of show-stopping large chorus and dance numbers.  The cast is made of many different characters, each having his or her moment to shine. I am looking  forward to working with a group of people who want to morph into a troupe that is dedicated to performing their best. 

Expect lots of laughs, hard work, dedication, and a few sore muscles.  This musical is so full of sparkle it practically requires sun glasses! I will be looking for adults of all ages, as well as those in their teens.  I can’t wait to begin!!!  It’s going to be a wild fun-filled ride!

Vickie Parker

[You should be aware that the musical’s content is similar to the film rating PG13 as there is some mild cursing and a few coarse jokes.]