“The Pink Panther Strikes Again!” Director’s Note

Shelly McFadden

I will admit, I did not like the original Pink Panther movie (1963).  I was only 4 years old when it was released, but even when I saw it later in life,  I never really saw the humor.  

But, in 1976, I remember going with my friends to the Greenwood Cinema to see The Pink Panther Strikes Again, and we laughed so hard, we cried.   When I read the script of the play, I was literally transported back to 1976 and the humor, ridiculous though it may be, made me laugh all over again.  

The Pink Panther Strikes Again will make its debut at Putnam County Playhouse in July.   I love directing first time shows, because no one really knows what to expect.   We get to be the first to put it on our stage!  We’re going to have fun, laughter and hilarity with our play! 

Anna Harris is making her debut as the Assistant Director for The Pink Panther Strikes Again, and she already has been hard at work.   We are looking for people who are willing to step out of the comfort zone, and work together to make our audience laugh as much as I did in 1976.  

Many in the cast will play more than one role. If you’d like to purchase the full script to read, Amazon has it for $10.95 (but that’s definitely NOT necessary!). We will have sides up for you to read soon! 

Anna & I are not asking anything specific for the audition, other than HAVE FUN, let yourself go and get into the madcap humor of the show.   You will be asked to read from the script.  

Our rehearsals will be Monday – Thursday from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.   We will be considerate of your time and will make sure that we schedule the rehearsals so that you only have to be at rehearsal when you’re needed at rehearsal.

We also need people to help with stage crew, costumes, lights, sound, make-up and hair.   If you’d like to participate, please come to auditions and let us know how you’d like to be involved! I can tell you, I’ve done all of the above at one time or another…and it’s all fun, and all a necessary part of community theater.  We need you!!! So come out and join us for what we promise to be a fun experience!

Oh…..and…..”Do you have a massage for me?”……