Pillow Talk Cast and Crew


Jan Morrow is a successful young interior decorator who is forced to share a party line with a man named Brad Allen. Brad is so frequently talking to one girl or another that Jan, in desperation, breaks in on one of his conversations, only to have Brad accuse her of snooping. This hurts her feelings because she’d never do that. She’s a lonely girl who has been giving everything to her work, and her evenings are spent alone, talking to her pillow. Through a friend, Brad finally meets Jan. He passes himself off as a naive young fellow from Texas named Rex Stetson, and Jan is entranced. When Brad, over their party line, gives her dire warnings concerning Rex, she is indignant. Brad’s dual identity as the Texan and the cynical commentator on Jan’s increasingly important love for the gentle Rex makes this a very special comedy.

Read an excerpt from the play here.


In order of appearance:

Telephone Operator – Karen Temple

Jan Morrow – Sarah Armitage

Phone Company Model – Lita Sandy

Mr. Conrad – Mike Mitchell

Jonathon Forbes – Sam Draper

Officer Kelly – Brad Sandy

Brad Allen – TJ Tincher

Alma – Ashlee Anne Vitz

The Many Loves of Brad Allen
Eileen, Yvette & Marie and Miss Dickenson – Tara Smith

Pierrot – Scott Armitage

Mrs. Walters – Karen Temple

Tony Walters – Noah D. Pettit

M. Frost – Mike Mitchell

M. Ames – Brad Sandy

Bessie – Lita Sandy

Detective Graham – Mike Mitchell

Schultz – Brad Sandy

Beat Poet – Lita Sandy

Movers & Assistants – Noah D. Pettit, Lita Sandy, Brad Sandy