Picnic Cast & Crew

Madge Owens: Sarah Armitage
Hal Carter: Dylan Arnold
Flo Owens: Caroline Good
Millie Owens: Hadley McCoy
Rosemary Sidney: Shelly McFadden
Howard Bevans: Brad Sandy
Alan Seymour: Dustin Boothby
Mrs. Potts: Tammy Hunter
Irma Kronkite: Kathy Arnold
Christine Schoenwalder: Brittney McGee
Bomber: Craig Robinson

The Story:
On a sweltering Labor Day morning, the women of a quiet neighborhood
on the wrong side of the tracks are preparing for the annual picnic.
Watchful mother Flo Owens has hopes that her beautiful daughter Madge
will get a proposal from Alan, the local millionaire’s son. Younger
sister Millie, the “smart one”, yearns to grow up and leave her small
town behind. Good-natured Mrs. Potts is happy to get a break from
taking care of her aged mother. And spinster schoolteacher Rosemary
Sydney cheerfully keeps her boyfriend Howard at arms’ length. This
seemingly placid feminine environment is disrupted when Hal Carter, a
muscular and charming young drifter who happens to be a former
fraternity brother of Alan’s, hops off the freight train, and straight
into Mrs. Potts’ hospitable home. Hearts are broken and lives are changed
in the following twenty-four hours, as Hal’s lively, dangerous, masculine
energy wakes up the sleepy community. A small Kansas town in the 1950s is
the setting for William Inge’s bittersweet melodrama Picnic, which explores
themes of repression, rites of passage, and disappointment.

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