Odd Couple FV Director’s Note

A note from Andrew:
“Well-behaved women seldom make history.”
Growing up,I was always drawn to funny women. 
I would research TV Guide weekly to be sure I
knew who was appearing on Johnny Carson each
night, and made sure I asked permission to
stay up late whenever Joan Rivers was a guest
or guest host. I would watch any “I Love Lucy”
episode, even the 15th viewing of the same
episode. Carol Burnett was always MUST SEE TV. 
In recent years, I have had the pleasure of
paying homage to funny ladies by directing the
comedies “Auntie Mame”, “The Women”, and “Women
Behind Bars” and “Debbie Does Dallas: A Musical”
in the Indianapolis area. I am always fascinated
by the depth of friendship, family, intimacy,
humor and, yes, even the foibles of the “fairer
sex.” The opportunity to dive into a Neil Simon
play, originally intended to be a male comic
piece, was a chance I didn’t want to give up. An
added bonus to this show is that the setting has
been moved forward to the 1980’s. Having “come to
age” in the 80’s, I not only get to dive into the
female psyche once again, but also in a period of
time I relish and remember – clearly and fondly.
The play also lets us have fun with wacky neighbors
and wacky friends, full of physical humor and
snappy one-liners. I look forward to digging even
deeper into the script to make all of the characters
fully realized, fully human, 3 dimensional
individuals. I encourage all of the funny ladies (and
we need two men, too) to bring their humor to our
auditions for this fun and funny show.

Andrew Ranck