Joseph Hits the Stage At Last

Molly Murphy as The Narrator and Dylan Arnold as Joseph

The 61st season of the Putnam County Playhouse continues with a production of the musical Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. It will be onstage at the Hazel Day Longden Theatre August 11-13 and August 17-20.  All tickets are $10 and can be reserved by calling the box office at 765-653-5880 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday beginning August 8. The box office is only open during those times. Tickets are not available online or on Facebook.

Jacob (Andrew Ranck) show his son Benjamin (Devin Huff) favor to the chagrin of his wife Bilah (Ellie Emmert).

The production is sponsored by First National Bank.

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The musical is directed by Jack Randall Earles.  Assistant director is Sandi Rossok who also did the costume direction. Vocal direction is by Kathryn Dory and musical direction is by Morgan Asher, who is also the pit conductor/pianist. Percussionist Dedee Schwomeyer is also playing.

Jakob Seger, Dylan Arnold, Ellie Emmert, Hannah Newlin, Ruby Sullivan, Cameron Wunderlich {obscured], Devin Huff, David l. Johnson

The title role of Joseph is played by Dylan Arnold. Telling the story is the Narrator sung by Molly Murphy. The story is also helped along by solo songs from three of the brothers played by Jay Prewitt, Josh Bain, and Dustin Bond. The other brothers include David Johnson (who also plays the Butler), Cameron Wunderlich, William Dory, Joe Fields, Dorian Dowd, Ruby Sullivan, Jakob Seger, and Devin Huff.

L-R: William Dory, David L. Johnson, Cameron Wunderlich, Joshua Saul Bain, Jakob Seger, Dustin Bond, Devin Huff, Ruby Sullivan, Andrew Ranck.

Jacob is sung by Andrew Ranck. His four wives are played by Hannah Newlin, Kathryn Dory, Ellie Emmert (who also plays the Baker), and Amanda Standers. Suzanne Funk and Shelby Merrill appear in supporting roles.

The whole family!

Dale Grove is featured as the Pharaoh. Brad Sandy and Sarah Armitage play the Potiphars. Chloe Gardner is a featured dancer.

Joseph (Dylan Arnold) and his coat with brothers Cameron Wunderlich, Jay Prewitt & Joshua Saul Bain.

Set design and painting is by Linda Gjesvold. Cameron and Brandon Wunderlich are production stage managers. The stage crew duties are handled by Tucker Elmore and Bart Jones. Shelly McFadden and Jerry T. Scott handle the lights and sound – directed by Bond.

Narrator Molly Murphy starts the story……

The 2022 Children’s Theatre Workshop Is Here!

Caroline Good and her staff are working with the participants of the annual Putnam County Playhouse Children’s Theatre Workshop this week. You can see the results of all of their hard work on Friday, July 22, at 7 p.m. at the Hazel Day Longden Theatre. Admission is free and the event is open to the public.

The event is sponsored by:

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The students will present two original plays. The first is “True Crime Fairy Tales” written by Good. It features many of your favorite characters in new and unique situations including  Little Red (Gabby Robbins), Gretel (Audrey Smoot), Goldilocks ( Mariah Hall), and Jack (Lucas Vaglia).  They all find themselves in an hilariously hostile contemporary world, where the stories that originally made them famous, and have landed them in big trouble.

The Chief Inspector (Charlotte Tomamichel) and Woodsdale police officers Don (Blake Hamblet) and Jan (Hollis Barcus) interview each of our suspicious fairy tale characters. They then focus their attention on those who turned them in.

These include The Bear Family (Jackson Wells, Evelyn Ryan-Shager, and Keyli Hamblet), Granny  (Milan Schwipps), The Wolf (Alex Koulak), and Hansel (Caleb Waltkins). It seems all may be lost for our heroines.  Or is a happy ending still possible for them?

Chaos reigns within the second play “Into the Forest” also by Good.  Here our familiar fairy tale characters find themselves confused in the forest and in the wrong stories.  Featured among them are Little Red Riding Hood (Hannah Jernagan), Beast (Elijah Neeley), Granny (Lydia Bogaerts), and Cinderella (Hadley Roderick). 

Also included are Rumplestiltskin (Chris Sears), Sleeping Beauty (Layla Koulak), Prince Charming (Walker Henry), Hansel (Wyatt Schutter), Gretel (Nora Napier), Witch (Nancy Napier), Wolf (Tinzlee Coulson), Doc (Cece Wells), and the Dwarves (CTW Interns).

Rounding out the cast are Snow White (Lauren Wells), Sleeping Beauty’s Prince (Arlo Schwipps), Belle (Atlas McAllister), and Rapunzel ( Jessica Bogaerts). When they find themselves confused and in the wrong stories, they have to team up with each other to make things right. Or can they?

Assisting Good this year are Eleanor Howard (Acting), Craig Robinson and Sarah Armitage (Dance & Movement), and Molly Murphy (Voice & Diction). Directors for “Into the Forest” are Robinson, Murphy, and Howard. Playwright Good is directing “True Crime Fairy Tales” with assistance from David Johnson, and Kathi Elliott.

The CTW interns who are helping  with casting, costume, and working on the crew are Ruby Sullivan, MJ Cooper, Josie Cox, Marigrace Girton, Rebecca Hebb, Isabella Green, Samantha Funk, and Mya Weddle.

Auditions for “The Miracle Worker” Scheduled

Director Ric McFadden will hold two sessions of auditions for the September production of The Miracle Worker at Putnam County Playhouse.  The first call is for Sunday, July 17, at 3 p.m. The second session will be Monday, July 18, at 7 p.m.  Both sessions will convene in the Michael McClaine Rehearsal Center at the Hazel Day Longden Theatre.

The Miracle Worker will be presented September 8-10 and September 14-17. Read more about the show HERE.

Read McFadden’s Director’s Note HERE.

It is being sponsored by Hopkins-Rector and Bittles & Hurt.

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Read about our sponsor HERE.

The two leading roles, Annie Sullivan and Helen Keller, call for performers who will be able play the very physically demanding scenes as written. Annie will be required to learn some sign language and finger spelling for the role. The actress playing Helen must be able to convincingly play a deaf and blind and mute youngster. Stage age for Annie is mid to late 20’s and stage age for Helen is 8-11.

Other roles include Helen’s parents, Captain and Mrs. Keller; their son, James; Aunt Eve; Viney, the family’s servant and her helper; Martha and Percy, children who are friends of Helen; and Doctor Anagnos, Annie’s teacher.  The Kellers will speak with Southern accents.

There are also parts for six youngsters to play blind students at Annie’s former school, the Kellers’ doctor, and a young boy to play Annie’s brother Jimmy who is a preteen.

Read about the story and cast HERE.

No monologs are necessary. Those auditioning will read from the script. There will also be a physical audition for those auditioning to play Helen. McFadden is also looking for backstage personnel to complete his production. Those wishing to work in that capacity should attend auditions and talk to McFadden at that time.


The 61st season of the Putnam County Playhouse continues with a production of the mystery/comedy Clue: Onstage. It will be produced July 7-9 and July 13-16. All performances are at 8 p.m. and all tickets are $10. Reservations can be made by calling the box office at 765-653-5880 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday, during performance weeks only. Tickets and reservations are available through the box office only. No tickets requests or questions can be answered online.

Clue: Onstage brings all of the familiar board game characters to life.  Director Shelly McFadden and her assistant Vickie Parker have assembled a cast of PCPH veterans and newcomers to solve the case of the murder of Mr. Boddy (William Dory).

McFadden has directed many productions at PCPH including 1776, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and The Drowsy Chaperone. Parker has been with the Playhouse for many years. Her directing assignments have included Annie (1984), Oklahoma!, and Kiss Me, Kate (twice).

The lively cast in addition to Dory includes Dustin Bond as Wadsworth, the Butler. Characters matching the game tokens are Brad Sandy (Mr. Green), Daniel Hankee (Professor Plum), Anna Harris (Mrs. White), Courtney Slough (Miss Scarlett), Ric McFadden (Colonel Mustard), and Lita Sandy (Mrs. Peacock). Each of them spend time under investigation and questioning as Wadsworth tries to solve the mystery under pressure from the local police and various surprise vistors.

Others at home in Boddy Manor include Tatum Boswell (The Cook) and Kyla Scheuermann (Yvette). 

Playing multiple roles are Sam Draper, Cameron Wunderlich, and Jack Randall Earles is the Chief of Police.  There is even a surprise mystery guest who makes a brief appearance. Michael McClaine is the voice of the News Caster.

Boswell, Hankee, and Slough are making their PCPH debuts in this production. Bond was last seen in You Can’t Take It With You which he also directed last season. Brad Sandy was seen in Picnic and Lita Sandy has appeared in leading roles in Steel Magnolias and Gypsy.

Harris played roles in The Mousetrap and The Game’s Afoot. Ric McFadden has appeared in The Hunchback of Notre Dame and in The Music Man and Camelot. Dory is returning to the PCPH stage after appearing in Footloose a few seasons ago. Draper, Wunderlich, Scheuermann, and Earles have all had supporting roles in many productions.

Ben South is the sound board operator and Grace Elmore will run the light board. Wunderlich is production stage manager.  On the active stage crew are Parker Helmer, Bart Jones, Rebecca Hebb, Emily Gray, and Henry Cox. The keyboard player is Morgan Asher.


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Our annual Youth Theatre Workshop SHAKESPEARED! is underway. Students from high schools and middle schools around the county have been working since June 13 on two productions of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth (theatrical superstition leads some actors to call it The Scottish Play when in the confines of the stage).

The performance for the middle school group will be Friday, June 24 at 7 p.m.  The high school group will perform at 7 p.m. on Saturday, June 25. Tickets are on sale at the door only on the days of performance. Admission is $3 with children under 12 admitted free.

The middle school group is performing a more traditional version and the high school group will present their off-beat comedic post-apocalyptic versioncomplete with a lively soundtrack, a chase, and pop-culture references

Sponsors for the show are:

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to read about our sponsor click HERE.

Directors for the middle school group are Craig Robinson and Eleanor Howard. YTW creator and founder Caroline Good will direct the high school version.  Molly Murphy is the DePauw intern and assistant director. David Johnson (Bill Sikes in Oliver!) is also an assistant director and fight choreographer. Murphy is running the light board and Fiona Good is the sound board operator.

The middle school cast includes Alex Gurnon in the title role with Clara Everett as his mate. Also appearing – some in multiple roles – are Elijah Helmer, MJ Cooper, Josephine Glessner, Luna Pope, and Cagney Huffman. 

Joining them will be Jewlee Butcher, Kaylan Stampley, Josie Cox, Timothy Bogoearts, Leil Watkins, and Alex Roberts. Completing the distinguished cast are Johanna Stampley, Nadia Wagner, Nicolette Blackledge, Ethan Snider, and featuring Joey Draper.

The high school group will be led by Devin Huff as the troubled title character and Ruby Sullivan as his ambitious wife. Featured roles are taken by Alice Howard, James Malinoski, Stevie Keenan, Marie Malinoski, and Bella Green.

Also taking on the Bard are Courtney Huff, Samantha Funk, Dorian Dowd, Genevieve O’Rourke and Mercedes O’Rourke. Playing the three witches are Rebecca Hebb, Rose Malinoski, and Penny Cummings.

Featured in the Saturday night performance are Joslyn Cash, Mya Weddle, Marigrace Girton, Charlie Good, Hyrum Dickerson Hale, Ellen Blackledge, Teegan Tamm, Max Isaacs-Bailey, Katie Funk, Catherine Ryan-Shager, Charlie Martoglio, Vivian O’Rourke, and Lucy Malinoski.

The Main Stage Season continues with CLUE: ONSTAGE opening July 7.


Here is another opportunity to be in our August production of the musical Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. We are looking for four more actors over the age of 16 to play brothers.

Join us Wednesday, June 15, at 7 p.m. in the Michael McClaine Rehearsal Center to find out more! Make your summer even more fun!

Read about the show HERE. Read about the cast HERE.


Caroline Good – director of the June production ‘Oliver!’

The Man In The Chair, Jack Randall Earles, sat down recently to talk to Caroline Good about Oliver! the musical that opens our 61st season. The show will be onstage June 2-4 & June 8-11.

Tickets go on sale at the Open House on Sunday, May 29, at 1 p.m. [The video mentions the time as 3 p.m. – but it will be at 1 p.m.! Mea Culpa!]

Enjoy the video! Click HERE to watch!

The show is sponsored by:

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Work & Fun To Make The New Season Happen

Pit conductor Amy Tharp & some ‘Oilver!” cast members

If you happen to be driving down Round Barn Road, don’t be surprised if you hear music and the sounds of dancing. The 61st season June & July shows are in rehearsals right now. First up in June is the Lionel Bart Tony-Award winning musical Oliver! It will be produced June 2-4 & June 8-11. Tickets for the show will go on sale on Sunday, May 29, at 1 p.m. during the annual PCPH Open House. Season tickets will be mailed out the third week in May.

“Oom pah pah!”

Oliver! is directed by Caroline Good. Vocal Direction is by Kathryn Dory. Amy Tharp is the Pit Conductor/Pianist and choreography is by Sarah Armitage & Josh Bain. [Click HERE to read who’s in the cast!]

The show is sponsored by:

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While Oliver! is toiling away on the main stage, Clue: Onstage is being blocked by directors Shelly McFadden & Vickie Parker in the Michael McClaine Rehearsal Center. [You can read about who’s who in the cast HERE].


With scripts in hand, the cast is working on developing characters and memorizing lines and blocking. Most shows rehearse four evenings each week to be ready for opening night. Clue: Onstage will be presented July 7-9 & July 13=16 on the main stage. Tickets for all shows will be on sale at the Open House at 1 p.m. on Sunday, May 29.

Don’t get too comfortable on that sofa… the lounge….with the candlestick.

The show is sponsored by:

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Read about our sponsor here.

The August musical Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and our September show The Miracle Worker have auditions coming up. If you’re interested in auditioning for either show, watch the website for information or ask any Board Member at the Open House!

Our technical committee – headed by Dustin Bond – is working on new lighting for our theatre. A matching grant from the Putnam County Foundation with the assistance of a semi-matching grant from Parke County REMC have helped us with the cost of the conversion to LED lighting instruments.

Cameron Wunderlich carrying LED lights upstairs to be installed on the lighting bars.

The LED lighting instruments use less electricity and burn with less heat than conventional instruments.

Dustin Bond aiming one of the lights.

Plan to join us on Sunday, May 29, at 1 p.m. for the Open House celebrating our 61st season. Oliver! will be rehearsing, light refreshments will be served, and you can purchase your tickets to any show of our season! We hope to see you there!