“Jacob Marley was dead…..” Charles Dickens

Thirty-one years ago in December, 1992, the Putnam County Playhouse presented a special production of A Christmas Carol. It was produced in the DePauw Student Union Ballroom.

L-R- Jack Randall Earles & Jim Poor

It was directed by Jim Poor who also played the ghost of Jacob Marley. Ebenezer Scrooge was played by Jack Randall Earles. Mark Bertram was Bob Cratchit and Michael Lemon was Tiny Tim. Many Greencastle friends were featured in the cast and worked on the crew.

Banner-Graphic Photo

Members of the board took care of tickets sales in the lobby and there was a dessert table for the after show.

Vickie Parker handles reservations and tickets.

I hope these photos are a sweet reminder to all of those who participated. You can read the program HERE.

L-R: Brad Sandy, Adeline Knoy, Jack Randall Earles

On behalf of the Board of Directors of PCPH, we wish you and your families a happy a safe holiday season. See you at the barn!