‘Grease’ Box Office Response Overwhelming!

Grease has officially sold out!

Bella Green as Sandy & Clay Glessner as Danny.

Director Lita Sandy’s production  of the popular rock and roll musical Grease will be on stage at the Hazel Day Longden Theatre June 8-10 and June 14-17. Curtain time for all performances is 8 p.m. IF you have reserved and not yet paid for your ticket – please pick them up by 7:30 p.m. on the night of the performance.

If you already have your ticket, remember that an onstage sock hop will start at 7:30 p.m. each night for audience members. Be there or BE SQUARE!

L-R: Hallie Rice as Frenchy, Dylan Arnold as Kenickie, Emily Gray as Rizzo.

The play is sponsored by Bittles & Hurt and Hopkins-Rector.

Read about our sponsor HERE.
Read about our sponsor HERE.

Starring in the production are Clay Glessner as Danny and Bella Green as Sandy – the mismatched teens who have to overcome many obstacles to become a couple. They are joined by their friends Kenickie and Rizzo played by Dylan Arnold and Emily Gray, who find themselves mixed up in a romantic subplot of their own. 

L-R: Cyrus Gurnon & Devin Huff

The Pink Ladies – Hallie Rice, Chloe Gardner, and Alice Howard and the T-Birds – John Reach, Devin Huff, and Cyrus Gurnon are along for all the singing and dancing chaos.

Miss Lynch the harassed English teacher/principal is played by Karen K. Temple and Suzanne Funk is Blanche a confused staff member. Others in the adult ensemble are Savanna Mattox, Samantha Funk, and Makayla Long.

L-R: Suzanne Funk, Karen K. Temple, Bella Green

Patty and Eugene are played by Hannah McLaughlin and William Johnston.  The dancing rival for Danny’s affections, ChaCha is played by Ashton Kirton.  Teen Angel will be a crooning Andrew Ranck. Pete Grajewski is Johnny Casino and Dan Gurnon plays Vince Fontaine.

Doing the Hand Jive at the Big Dance!

The Pony-Tail Girls are Josie Tischer, Josephine Glessner, Raylee O’Connor, Johnna Stampley, Josie Cox, Clara Everett, Charlie Martoglio, and Catherine Ryan-Shager.The Burger Boys are Noah D. Pettit, Trenton Bright, Joey Draper, and Miles Jernagan.

Hannah McLaughlin as Patty sets the other girls straight!

In addition to Sandy, the production staff includes Debby Lambert as Vocal Director, Morgan Asher as Musical Director, and Vickie Parker as Assistant Director.  Choreography is by Tara Gardner and costumes are by Shelly McFadden. Percussionist is Dede Shwomeyer.

Lita talks to Jack Randall about Grease HERE.

Set design is by Brad Sandy.Technical director and lighting designer is Dustin Bond.  Sound designer and sound board operator is Ben South and Shelby Merrill is running the light board.Stage manager is Brandon Wunderlich.  Assistant stage manager is Bart Jones. Jennifer Wunderlich and Zoe Cope are on the stage crew and properties are managed by Jessica Walter.