The 61st season of Putnam County Playhouse will close with director Ric McFadden’s production of William Gibson’s The Miracle Worker. It will be produced on the main stage September 8-10 and September 14-17.  All performances begin at 8 p.m. Tickets will go on sale in the box office at 5 p.m. on Monday, September 5. Tickets cannot be reserved on Facebook or at the website.

Annie Sullivan (Anna Harris) meets Captain Keller (Tim Good0

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Shelly McFadden is the costumer and stage manager. Assistant director is Ruby Sullivan, who will also run the light board. Bart Jones is the assistant stage manager. Lighting design is by Dustin Bond and Cameron Wunderlich. Ben South is the sound designer and he will also run the sound board. Director McFadden also designed the set.

Annie gets locked in her room. L-R: Anna Harris, Tim Good, Sarah Ryan, John Reach, Josie Tischer, and Caroline Good.

Anna Harris is playing the leading role of Annie Sullivan and Josie Tischer will play the role of Helen Keller. The parents of Helen, Captain Keller and his wife Kate are played by Tim Good and Caroline Good. Annie’s brother Jimmy is played by Alex Gurnon.

L-R: Suzanne Funk, Anna Harris, Alex Gurnon, Josie Tischer, Dustin Bond

Also in the household are son James played by John Reach and the family servant Viney played by Sarah Ryan. The visiting Aunt Ev is played by Eleanor Howard.

Annie at school with her classmates.

Also in the cast are Samantha Funk, Elijah Helmer, Jay Prewitt, Dustin Bond, Suzanne Funk, and Kathi Elliott.

Helen (Josie Tischer) and Annie (Anna Harris).

Featured players include John Tischer, Chloey Barnett, Anna Norris, Ingrid Norris, Ellen Blackledge, Nicolette Blackledge, and Catherine Ryan-Shager. 

Annie is rescued after Helen locks her in.

Joseph Hits the Stage At Last

Molly Murphy as The Narrator and Dylan Arnold as Joseph

The 61st season of the Putnam County Playhouse continues with a production of the musical Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. It will be onstage at the Hazel Day Longden Theatre August 11-13 and August 17-20. Curtain time is 8 p.m. each night.  All tickets are $10 and can be reserved by calling the box office at 765-653-5880 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday beginning August 8. The box office is only open during those times. Tickets are not available online or on Facebook.

Jacob (Andrew Ranck) show his son Benjamin (Devin Huff) favor to the chagrin of his wife Bilah (Ellie Emmert).

The production is sponsored by First National Bank.

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The musical is directed by Jack Randall Earles.  Assistant director is Sandi Rossok who also did the costume direction. Vocal direction is by Kathryn Dory and musical direction is by Morgan Asher, who is also the pit conductor/pianist. Percussionist Dedee Schwomeyer is also playing.

Jakob Seger, Dylan Arnold, Ellie Emmert, Hannah Newlin, Ruby Sullivan, Cameron Wunderlich {obscured], Devin Huff, David l. Johnson

The title role of Joseph is played by Dylan Arnold. Telling the story is the Narrator sung by Molly Murphy. The story is also helped along by solo songs from three of the brothers played by Jay Prewitt, Josh Bain, and Dustin Bond. The other brothers include David Johnson (who also plays the Butler), Cameron Wunderlich, William Dory, Joe Fields, Dorian Dowd, Ruby Sullivan, Jakob Seger, and Devin Huff.

L-R: William Dory, David L. Johnson, Cameron Wunderlich, Joshua Saul Bain, Jakob Seger, Dustin Bond, Devin Huff, Ruby Sullivan, Andrew Ranck.

Jacob is sung by Andrew Ranck. His four wives are played by Hannah Newlin, Kathryn Dory, Ellie Emmert (who also plays the Baker), and Amanda Standers. Suzanne Funk and Shelby Merrill appear in supporting roles.

The whole family!

Dale Grove is featured as the Pharaoh. Brad Sandy and Sarah Armitage play the Potiphars. Chloe Gardner is a featured dancer.

Joseph (Dylan Arnold) and his coat with brothers Cameron Wunderlich, Jay Prewitt & Joshua Saul Bain.

Set design and painting is by Linda Gjesvold. Cameron and Brandon Wunderlich are production stage managers. The stage crew duties are handled by Tucker Elmore and Bart Jones. Shelly McFadden and Jerry T. Scott handle the lights and sound – directed by Bond.

Narrator Molly Murphy starts the story……