David Johnson & Emily Gray

Filming is on in the county for a PBS version of author Nichole Etcheson’s book A Generation At War. Last Saturday filming was conducted at the Harvest Barn Wedding & Event Venue. Check out the photos see how many familiar faces you can find.

Among others John Tischer, Cameron Wunderlich, Dylan Arnold & Brad Sandy

The book is about some of the history of Indiana and its residents during the Civil War.

Among others Chris Wurster & Ric McFadden.

PCPH President Shelly McFadden is the Production Manager & Costumer for the production.

Author Nichole Etcheson watches a shot being set up.

Everyone had a good time and we look forward to seeing A Generation At War on our local PBS stations next year.

Among others Jim Elliott, Cameron Wunderlich, Chris Wurster, Rick McFadden, Bart Jones, Marc Adams

Hammy Award Goes ‘Wrong’!

2023 Upstage Award Nominees. L-R: Amaya Jones, John Reach, Hannah Lafever (winner) & Dustin Bond. And Chris Wurster’s back!

The 2023 Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors was convened at the Michael McClaine Rehearsal Center on Sunday, October 8.

L-R: Ashton Kirton, John Reach, Annette Reach

In addition to the board members, many guests were welcomed with conversation and refreshments!

Front: Dustin Bond, Anna Harris, Joshua Bain. Center: Claire Winings, Ric McFadden, Back: Annette & John Reach, Amaya Jones.

The meeting was led by PCPH President Shelly McFadden and Secretary Kathryn Dory who began by reading the complicated minutes from last year’s annual meeting.

Secretary, Kathryn Dory. President Shelly McFadden.

Among the guests were Vickie Parker and Marc Adams (who most recently appeared together in Morning’s At Seven), Brandon Wunderlich (tech & crew), Ase Lafever (The Play That Goes Wrong), Ashton Kirton (Grease & Anything Goes), Chris Wurster (Anything Goes), Lita Sandy (director of Grease), and Bart Jones (tech & crew for this season).

L-R: Brandon Wunderlich, Anna Harris, Jay Prewitt, Linda Gjesvold

Committee Reports were given by each of the chairs and much information was discussed about the 2023 season.

L-R: Brandon Wunderlich, Bart Jones, Chris Wurster

Board members enjoyed the refreshments provided by President McFadden and refreshments including coffee “on the house” committee.

Marc Adams & Vickie Parker

At the October Board meting following the Annual Meeting, the 2024 season was discussed and committees were formed for the “good of the order” and a slate of officers were elected.

Cameron Wunderlich & Sandi Rossok

Youth Theatre Workshop Director Caroline Good was urging Ric McFadden to get the meeting started shortly before 2 p.m.

L-R: Caroline Good & Ric McFadden

Appreciation was expressed for the great support that PCPH receives from its donors and audiences and participants.

Brad Sandy, Anna Harris, Linda Gjesvold

The highlight of the meeting as always, was the presentation of the Upstage/Hammy Award. All four nominees were present. There were Dustin Bond (Morning’s At 7), Amaya Jones (Anything Goes), Hannah Lafever (The Play That Goes Wrong), and John Reach (Grease). Lafever prevailed and handed the award.

A good time was had by all……well……for the most part.

Not pictured but present for the festivities were Jack Randall Earles who was walking around all day with his camera, Lita Sandy who got out of the barn before Jack Randall could take her picture and Ase Lafever who always had someone standing in front of him.