This year’s annual two-week-long “Shakespeared!” Workshop at the Putnam County Playhouse centers around Macbeth, with the middle school group performing a more traditional version and the high school group presenting their off-beat comedic version, complete with a lively soundtrack, chase, and pop-culture references.  Both versions embody Shakespeare’s original text, but in short condensed adaptations.

Both groups meet in the afternoons daily during the two weeks, playing theatre games, learning voice,  stage movement, and acting techniques, and, of course, rehearsing the play.  The middle school (entering grades 6th-8th) group meets Monday-Friday 12:30-2:30pm, and the high school (entering 9th+) workshop meets Monday-Friday 3:00-5:30pm with performances Friday and Saturday, June 24 and 25 at 7:00pm, when each group presents their own very different versions of the play: the middle school group performing on Friday and the high school group performing on Saturday.

We plan to adhere to guidance provided by the CDC for Covid-19 at the time of the workshop. Last year, we were able to relax a little, but participants still had the option to wear masks during sessions, we created physical distanced staging, and we kept air flowing throughout the playhouse, or worked outside.  The kids did have the option to perform without masks, as well.  We’re hoping for the best, but are prepared to implement whatever protocols seem appropriate at the time.

The scripts will be available soon on the playhouse at the Youth Theatre Workshop page using the drop down menu. So, feel free to read it before our first day. We will read through the play on day one, and the players will have a chance to note their role preferences. The roles will be cast that evening, and rehearsals will begin on day two!

THERE ARE PARTS FOR EVERYONE! “Shakespeared!” is tailored to provide young players with an opportunity to engage with Shakespeare’s text in a fun way and to see the potential interpretations that lie within the text.

The registration link for the 2022 workshop will be available on February 1st! PLEASE DON’T USE THE 2021 FORM!!!