Putnam County Playhouse: L-R Storage, Small Barn, Rehearsal Center, Shop, Hazel Day Longden Theatre

The Rehearsal Center at the Putnam County Playhouse is used for many things. Its primary use, of course, is for a rehearsal space. While the show next on the schedule is rehearsing on the mainstage, the show following it spends its time in the Rehearsal Center. Tape on the floor marks out the set design and folding chairs and “rehearsal” furniture are used to help the actors during blocking.

Rehearsing “Picnic” in 2019. L-R: Dylan Arnold, Caroline Good, Dustin Boothby, Sarah Armitage

The rehearsal center is also used for auditions. There are also dressing rooms for the performers. During a performance, it is the Green Room – the place where actors who are not onstage wait until it’s time for them to go their “places” before making an entrance. Before we had the rehearsal center, the dressing rooms were in the small barn – there were many crossovers in the rain! Auditions and rehearsals were also held outdoors.

Rehearsing “Pippin” outside! L-R: Tim Fox, Trent Scott, Matt McClaine, Josh Bain

It was in 2006 that the decision was finally made – after many seasons of discussion – that fundraising for a rehearsal center would begin. We had a fundraising evening of entertainment and a special outreach was made to PCPH supporters. The result was gratifying, and ground was broken for the structure in the spring of 2007.

The 2007 Board of Directors & builders at the groundbreaking. BOD: L-R; Ernie Ford, Larry Sutton, Drew Brattain, Chris Wurster, Jack Randall Earles, Bryan Schroeder, Caroline Good, Shelly McFadden, Linda Gjesvold, Ric McFadden, and President Michael McClaine.

Construction was quick, and the structure was ready to use for the opening show of the season Cinderella.

This past season, the board elected to give the rehearsal center a name. While the efforts of many made the project happen, the board chose to name it after the person whose efforts at fund raising and attention to detail were paramount in making the rehearsal center a reality. From now on it will be known as:


The annual meeting for Putnam County Playhouse was held on Sunday, October 3, at the Hazel Day Longden Theatre. Board members and guests Ashlee Anne Vitz and Bryan Schroeder convened to hear reports on the 2021 season.

Committee chairpersons gave their reports on their activity and a lively conversation about PCPH was enjoyed by all.

As provided in the By-Laws of PCPH, the nominating committee also put forth the names of those who were to be considered for the role of a member of the board. Four names of board members whose terms were expiring and who had expressed an interest in serving again were placed in nomination. They were Caroline Good, Brad Sandy, Sandi Rossok, and Shelly McFadden. Cameron Wunderlich was nominated to fulfill the final year of retiring board member Drew Brattain’s term. The roster was accepted by acclamation.

Jack Randall Earles was named the winner of the Upstage Award for his role as Louis XI in The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

In the regular board meeting that followed, the nomination committee presented its prepared slate of officers who will serve for the coming season. They were President, Shelly McFadden; Vice-Presidents, Dustin Bond and Linda Gjesvold; Recording Secretary-Assistant Treasurer, Kathryn Dory; Corresponding Secretary, Jack Randall Earles; and Treasurer, Mark Hammer.

Congratulations to our new president Shelly McFadden and welcome to new board member Cameron Wunderlich!