When you do 4+ shows in a season for 39 years in the barn, you end up with quite a few properties and furniture pieces. And just like at home, you don’t need something until you throw it away – so we don’t throw anything away! We’ve accumulated quite a collection of this, that, and the other.

The Props Loft Committee including Sandi Rossok, Cameron Wunderlich, and Anna Harris with help from Tech Committee Chair Dustin Bond decided to “get things organized” upstairs following the 2022 season. The loft itself is located on the second floor of the shop just behind the pit.

Designer and carpenter Wunderlich worked with Harris and Bond to build a special Prop Room that includes a locked cabinet for those one of a kind props and items that need special handling.

The crew has also been working on a computer inventory of ALL props. [Cameron has declared that we have too many cereal/soup bowls.] This will make filling directors’ requests more efficient. It will also eliminate the possibility that props that are sometimes borrowed have been forgotten and are not returned.

We wish a Happy New Year to all of our members and participants and hope to see you at the barn in 2023!!

And special thanks to Anna, Cameron, Dustin, and Sandi for their hard work!


L-R: Dustin Bond, Anna Harris, Karen Temple, Shelly McFadden, Ric McFadden, Kathryn Dory, Caroline Good, Joshua Bain

It’s that time of year again!

Putnam County Playhouse was invited by Endeavor Communications to entertain at its employee Holiday Party earlier this month. PCPH playwright Caroline Good crafted a version of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol that included the names of Endeavor employees and circumstances of the organization.

Good also directed the troupe which included Dustin Bond, Shelly McFadden, Josh Bain, Anna Harris, Kathryn Dory, Ric McFadden, Karen Temple and Good.

The happy event was held at Owl Ridge.