Don’t Be Held Back! See ‘You Can’t Take It With You’!

Sandi Rossok as Gay Wellington & Jack Randall Earles as Boris Kolenkhov

The final show of the 60th season at Putnam County Playhouse is now open! You can call the box office at 765-653-5880 after 5 p.m daily [except Sunday]. All performances begin at 8 p.m. and all tickets are $10. The Pulitzer-prize winning comedy You Can’t Take It With You will be presented September 7-11 and September 14-18. Limited seating is available.

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The leading role of Martin Vanderhof, an iconoclastic grandfather bent on tilting windmills, is acted by Ric McFadden. The place is New York City and the time in 1938 or so. Vanderhof and his family including daughter Penny (Shelly McFadden), son-in-law Paul (Michael McClaine) and grand daughters Essie (Hannah Lafever) and Alice (Anna Harris) all live in worlds of their own making. His other son-in-law Ed (Bart Jones) plays the xylophone and sells candy on the side.

Ric McFadden as Martin Vanderhof

Also involved in the house are the servants Rheba (Morgan Asher) and Donald (Noah D. Pettit). Mr. De Pinna (Jim Rambo) helps Paul with creating fireworks and Boris Kolenkhov (Jack Randall Earles) visits regularly to help Essie with her dancing.

R-L Michael McClaine as Paul, Bart Jones as Ed, Jim Rambo as Mr. De Pinna

When daughter Alice falls in love with Anthony Kirby, Jr. (Cameron Wunderlich), the delicate imbalance of the household is thrown into a whirl. An invitation to dinner offered to the senior Kirbys (Holly Pritchett & Dustin Bond) begins a night of chaos that even the Vanderhof-Sycamores are unable to set right.

L-R: Holly Pritchett & Dustin Bond as Mr. and Mrs. Kirby

Can love survive? Will Tony and Alice finally get together?

Anna Harris as Alice Sycamore & Cameron Wunderlich as Tony Kirby, Jr.

Sometimes even a Mrs. Fix-It like Penny is unable to come up with a solution. And what about the visiting Russian Grand Duchess (Karen Temple), the G-Men (Ethan Lawler), and Gay Wellington (Sandi Rossok), an actress who enjoys her whiskey?

Shelly McFadden as Penny Sycamore

Directed by Dustin Bond who also did the lighting design. Linda Gjesvold did the set design. Ruby Sullivan is the light board operator.

Standing L-R: Bart Jones, Hannah Lafever, Morgan Asher, Shelly McFadden, Cameron Wunderlich, Anna Harris. Seated L-R: Ric McFadden, Michael McClaine.

Did we mention the Grand Duchess Olga Katrina, a cousin to the Czar of all the Russias?

Karen Temple as Olga

Oh…..and Donald always brings the flies with him.

Noah D. Pettit as Donald